Limited Edition Snooker Table

From £34,500

 Solid Black Walnut Construction

Steel Block Cushion

Chrome Hardware

6811 Tournament Gold 30Oz Cloth

Personally Signed by Ronnie

Only 10 ever made - Only 1 Left!

Limited Edition Snooker Table


When Ronnie O’Sullivan approached us to design a table for him, we knew it had to be special. First and foremost, Ronnie demands the best playing experience – the best cloth, the best slate and the most consistent cushion response. We knew we couldn’t compromise on that.

But how to take that extra step and make this a truly unique piece of snooker history? We trialled many different woods, but the first time we saw the magnificent finish and grain that we could achieve by using hand selected walnut – well, we knew that was perfect. A beautiful finish that evokes all the heritage and history in the world famous Riley Aristocrat.

We are only making 10 of these special tables and Ronnie has one as his practice table, and now there is only 1 more available. Each table will be personally signed by Ronnie and, if you are based in the UK, Ronnie will actually come to your house to play on the table with you and your friends – a truly unique experience that can never be repeated.



Available In 12ft Only

• Manufactured from only the finest walnut and selected hard woods throughout  the table. The woods are kiln dried and tested for moisture content on no fewer than six separate occasions to ensure, prior to the wood being machined, that the moisture content is at the right level. This in itself can take weeks in its preparation. This process ensures stability of the wood, for the projected lifetime of the table. (100 years)

• West of England Strachan 6811 cloth (hand selected from a 50m bolt)

• Tournament cut slate as specified by Ronnie O’Sullivan

• Highest quality Italian slate – laser cut, five piece and 4.5cm thick.

• Riley galvanised steels for optimum response along the whole length of the cushion.

• Pocket leathers made from hand selected English cow hide leather (hand pressed)

• Premium Northern Rubber cushion material for consistent bounce and maximum lifespan. Each piece individually hand selected and tested by our craftsmen before being fitted



Limited Edition Snooker Table



Manufactured from solid walnut and selected solid woods throughout. The woods are kiln dried and tested for moisture content on no fewer than six separate occasions to ensure, prior to the wood being machined, that the moisture content is at the right level. This in itself can take weeks in its preparation. This process ensures stability of the wood, regardless of the climate, for the projected lifetime of the table. (100 years).


Riley use the finest Italian laser cut, precision engineered, 4.5 cm thick slate. We are one of only a few, if not the only manufacturer, to use this prestigious quality slate. No other slate meets these exacting standards.

Five pieces of slate cut and honed as one to produce a seamless slate playfield. No joints, no lips, just the smoothest, longest lasting playing surface on any snooker table.

Our table frames are designed with the unique Riley adjustable slate support system. These ensure that the slate is properly balanced to the frame and that the weight of the table is evenly distributed – this is key to keeping the table level over time.

Tournament cut slate means what is says: the slate and each pocket opening is cut very carefully by hand to ensure the frieze and slate fit together like a hand in a glove. There are only a few craftsmen around the World capable of constructing the processed finish, which is done completely by hand, knowhow and most importantly with unparalleled expertise.


Northern Rubber

Made in England

The rubbers used on the cushion and friezes (steels) are like caviar and champagne; they must go together to get the full benefit and enhancement to the playing experience.

Northern rubber is the world’s best, no question, and is standard on all Aristocrat tables, there is simply no way to improve upon this. The only difference on the Limited Edition table is that each piece is individually hand selected and tested before applying to the table to ensure optimum response befitting of such a table – and more importantly to meet Ronnie O’Sullivan’s exacting standards.

The pocket opening on these tables has been replicated to meet that of the pocket opening that Ronnie O’Sullivan actually insists upon. The playing experience being an exact replica of Ronnie’s preferred conditions. Please note the pocket openings can be adjusted at the time of installation to suit specific requirements. We acknowledge Ronnie’s preferences and practice regimes, along with table set up, may not be acceptable to other players, which would impact on overall enjoyment.


Only the finest English made steels are used to build the cushion frieze. This ensures a precision response from each cushion. Riley use a manufacturing technique in the cushions that has been the same for almost 100 years, often overlooked and dismissed as unimportant by competing brands. The Riley Aristocrat steel cushion is the finest in the world.

Even to this day most professional players would choose Riley tables over and above any other.


The pockets are made using English cow hide leather to ensure maximum durability while at the same time providing a very fine quality leather that is soft to the touch yet does not crack under use. This hide is individually hand pressed piece by piece to ensure perfection is achieved in each of the pocket sections.


West of England 6811 Tournament Gold 30Oz.

The finest cloth produced with the most glorious nap; bristly to the touch one way and as smooth as silk the other way.

Snooker tables are traditional and napped cloth is essential. The nap when used at the highest level will assist the most talented players as the nap when used properly will allow the ball when played at the correct pace to curve very slightly to aid potting the ball.

Whilst 6811 is the only viable cloth for a table of this stature, there is a reason it is the cloth used for all professional events around the World. To ensure perfection is achieved we select the bed cloth in the old fashioned way, which is hand selecting the bed section from a bolt totalling over 50m in length. In this way, we can ensure the best fabric is used and this way we minimise any chance of imperfections appearing within the bed cloth. It is small details such as this that help create this unique table and, more importantly, this is what makes the Limited Edition Aristocrat as exclusive as it truly is.



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